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Atlanta: Progressive Warranty: basements


Many companies will claim that they provide a written warranty. Progressive's home improvement warranty ensures your property will be able to get any necessary maintenance. Progressive will make sure you are able to view your warranty even before your project commences..


1) How do I know that the project will look like what is in my mind?

Answer: A standard floor plan is nice, but it doesn't illustrate what the project will really look like. Many companies attempt to provide a pictorial description of your project, Progressive has perfected the presentation of your project.

2) What does my estimate include? 

Answer: If a company details the estimate that means they aren't trying to hide anything. Your estimate should list what will occur and what it will cost.

3) Who oversees the project to ensure completion?

Answer: An unbiased foreman with no ties to the installer(s) will ensure a proper installation. We use a foreman on every Progessive project.

4) Is there a benefit if the General Contractor is performing some of the work on the project?

Answer: Yes, the general contractor may reduce the price if he/she is performing some of the work, however he/she won't be able to be unbiased in assessing whether the project is being completed properly and professionally. Ever met one individual who held a state license in Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical? The answer is NO!!! So how can one individual perform all of these tasks? Buyer Beware!!!

5) Can the representative name the installers that will be performing each task involved in your project?

Answer: This is important because most general contractors have NO idea who will be performing the work until after a price is submitted. Progerssive's teams work directly with us. You will know which team will perform your work during the initial measure!!! This also insures your family's safety!

6) How is the estimate presented?

Answer: Believe it or not, the presentation of your price says a lot about the company. If you can't easily remove line items, then you don't have a detailed estimate. If your estimate is on notebook paper or a business card you are going to get the same amount of attention to detail during the actual project. Progressive works diligently to provide a professional price presentation and we do it at our expense to help us EARN your business.

Professionalism Speaks Volumes!!!