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Progressive Architectural and Design Services: Space Planning, Floor Plans, Permit Assistance

Progressive's design services will eliminate the need for customers to "guesstimate" how many square feet the project is. If you've received an estimate, then you know that most estimators often come up with different measurements; however, there is the occasional estimator that will provide a number that is so far beyond any other that you've received.

If you had the measurements already, you would be able to easily determine who is providing the most accurate estimate. Having a floor plan of your home is not just practical for receiving estimates, but also valuable when presenting a home for sale, and creating fire evacuation plans. Please take an opportunity to look at how in depth our layout capabilities are then CLICK HERE to schedule your design service. Your layout will be completed, approved by you, and provided to you before we leave your house.

You don't have to use Progressive Services to build your project in order to utilize our design services. Our Design Department's Ability to Convert your Concepts into Our Creations doesn't just stop at Basements!!! Our design services include: Full Residential Architectural Plans, Additions, Basements, Kitchens, Decks, and Bathrooms. We also provide residential to commercial plans, commercial plans, certificate of occupancy for businesses and permit assistance. Please call or submit an online submission for more information on Progressive Design Services.

Progressive Design Department

Progressive Construction and Flooring Services spends hundreds of man hours creating a rendering for every project we do. There is no project too complex for Progressive to put on paper. Utilizing our advanced design software and creative prowess, Progressive is able MINIMIZE change orders and has eliminated contract disputes! Ask our references did they receive the project Progressive proposed

Creative Building Concepts by Progressive

After the customer expressed a need to open the wall leading down from the steps, Progressive's design services are able to help the customer realize the dream prior to the process. By creating a rendering of the final product, Progressive is able to help the customer and builder visualize the project. This will certainly minimize any discrepancies during the actual building process.

Design Services Virtually Eliminate Change Orders

Renderings and Floorplans are the backbone of Progressive's success in the home improvement industry. We utilize computer generated floorplans in basement finishing, kitchen remodeling and even flooring installations including carpet, tile and hardwood. The use of our design services will ensure customer's don't overpay for materials, understand the size and nature of the project they are planning, and most importantly "GET WHAT THEY PAY FOR!!!"

You Get What You Pay For!!!

Progressive has the capability to create customized architectural floor plans, designs, and 3 Dimensional Renderings in house. Our service offerings vary from project to project but we Progressive's design services can produce 24x36 prints to scale for many home improvement projects where an Architect is required. from Space Planning to Full Architectural Plans and Permit Assistance, Please feel free to contact Progressive Construction's Design department for a free estimate.



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